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Everything for cooking food, including barbecues, chargrills, chip scuttles, contact and panini grills, fryers, griddles, ovens and ranges, pizza ovens, toasters, rice cookers, pasta boilers, doughnut fryers and grills.

From small to large as well as light to heavy duty equipment – all designed for various cooking, heating and holding tasks – ranging from best selling fryers, grills and griddles, bain maries, bratt pans and rice cookers, to soup kettles and toasters.

Cooking equipment is available to handle specific food types and by the nature of their manufacture, produce consistent, optimum results. We can’t mention them all here, but for example, rice cookers will produce batch after batch of perfectly cooked rice, whilst soup kettles will keep soups fresh and hold them at the right serving temperature for hours. Whereas commercial toasters are built to withstand prolonged and heavy use, with heavy-duty elements to cope with peak demands and produce high outputs.