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Keeping food that has been freshly cooked at the right serving temperature needs careful food safety handling and the right equipment. It is not just about maintaining the heat and correct temperature to help keep the food safe to eat, but about keeping it in fresh condition too.
We have various heated cupboards, display units, hotplates, banqueting cabinets and heated plate dispensers that can assist the caterer in delivering the best results in what can be a difficult catering situation. When choosing this type of equipment, be mindful of the throughput and types of dishes and foods that are served.

Dry heat will keep food warm, but if its food that’s susceptible to drying out, then dry heat will, over a period of time, fail to deliver the food in its best condition. Whereas foods with a high moisture content such as pasta dishes, or a high fat content such as pies and sausage rolls, will keep well in dry hot cupboards. Food such as cooked meats will hold for a short time in a dry heat cabinet, but are better stored in a cabinet that has a humidifier to prevent drying out.

For banqueting operations, where service points are often some distance from the kitchen, heated (and chilled) trolley cabinets not only can safely transport food to its final destination but also keep the plated dishes cool or warm under the right conditions whilst waiting to be served.

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